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Small Business Hub Is a Free Resource Website Where One Can Get Complete Knowledge from “How To Start” Till “Growing” a Small Business.

Our guide usually includes information’s like total investment required to start a new business, licenses and registrations required, how to plan your business, how much profit margin you can expect from the sales, how you can market your business if it is a franchise or dealership related business then how you can contact the marketing manager of that company such details.

About Blogger: My name is Suraj Shetty, till April 2020 I was running a backpacker hostel and a service-based business in Bangalore. In April 2020 I met with a serious accident and my spinal cord got fractured and I lost my lower body sensation. During this time I developed blogging as a hobby so that I can share my business experience with others. As of now due to my health conditions, I am uploading limited posts (without compromising the information accuracy) on this website, But once my health improves I will definitely take this website to another level.

For any suggestions or help, you can contact me personally at [email protected] You can also get in touch with me by filling our contact us form. Thank you