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How to start Sanghi Cement Dealership?

If you are planning to start a building materials business, then you can easily start a cement business by partnering with any cement brand available in the Indian market.

Out of these cement brands, in this article, we will talk about the Sanghi Cement Dealership opportunity.

This article includes topics like Sanghi cement dealership cost, profit margin, licenses and documents required, space required, and how to apply for the dealership.

why choose Sanghi cement?

Sanghi cement is a Gujarat-based cement manufacturing company. The company has a headquarters in Ahmadabad, Gujarat.

Sanghi Cement has a cement manufacturing capacity of 6.1 million tonnes per Annum. It has a cement manufacturing plant in Kutch, Gujarat.

Sanghi Cement Dealeship

Sanghi Cement produces Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC53 & OPC43), Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), Portland Slag Cement (PSC).

Licenses and Registrations required

These are the licenses and documents required to start a Sanghi cement dealership.

  • Company Registration – Sole proprietorship/LLP/Pvt Limited
  • Trade Licence – from the local municipality
  • Shop & Establishment Registration – from the state board
  • GST certificate
  • Previous bank statement – for financial background verification
  • Valid land documents / Lease agreements.
  • Business Insurance – (optional)

If you lack capital, then you can approach banks like SIDBI for a business loan.

Sanghi Cement Dealership Cost

Sanghi Cement Dealeship cost

You need an investment of approximately INR 4 to 5 lakhs to start a Sanghi cement dealership.

If you have your own shop then you can start the dealership with minimum investment.

Here is the break-down of the investment,

  • Dealership Security Deposit -> 1 lakhs
  • Initial inventory/stock purchase -> 2 lakh to 3 lakh rupees
  • Shop Interior and Warehouse -> 50,000 rupees
  • Labour for loading and unloading (1st month salary) -> 25,000 (2 nos)
  • Shop Advance + First-month Rent -> (if you do not own a shop)
  • Vehicle for Delivery – extra if Required

The monthly expenses include Shop rent, labor salary, stock purchase, utility bills, etc.


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Profit margin in Sanghi cement dealership

You can expect a profit margin of 6% to 10% from this dealership.

As with other cement brands, these profit margins are decided by the bonuses and schemes offered by the company. If you make more monthly sales, then the chances of getting good discounts from the company will be high.

How to get Sanghi cement Dealership?

To get a Sanghi Cement dealership, you need to contact your area sales officer. You can get his number by calling Sanghi cement toll-free customer care number +91 79268 38000.

Once you get in touch with the area sales manager, he will guide you about the next steps.

There should not be any other Sanghi cement dealer in a 2-3 kilometer radius from your shop. If there is any Sanghi cement dealer nearby, then the chances of you getting a dealership are very less.

How to contact Sanghi Cement?

How to start Sanghi Cement Dealeship

You can contact Sanghi cement by calling their toll-free number +91 79268 38000. You can also contact them at their official website, to get contact details or send an email to [email protected]

Also, visit them at –

10th Floor, Kataria Arcade, Off S G Highway, Ahmedabad – 380051.

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FAQ about Dealership

How much investment is required for the Sanghi cement dealership?

You require 4 lakh to 5 lakhs rupees investment to start a dealership

Shop space required for Sanghi cement dealership?

Minimum space required in 500 square feet

Profit margin in Sanghi cement dealership?

You can expect a profit margin of 7% to 10% on sales.

How to contact Sanghi cement?

You can call Sanghi cement by calling their toll-free number +91 79268 38000.

I hope this article has resolved many of your doubts related to the Sanghi cement dealership. If you have any suggestions feel free to mention them in the comment box below.

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